House Bolting and Foundation Northridge

Many factors contribute to a property’s foundation collapse. Lack of the foundation of house bolts and cripple wall reinforcement is one of the reasons that cause home owners to survive with major earthquakes. House bolting is the solution that can increase the possibility in surviving these seismic activities.

Contractors Northridge also offers house bolting services to build a home’s foundation as strong as possible. We are your professional house bolting experts here to make sure your home will survive earthquakes. We provide house bolting and seismic retrofit services to single and multi-family homes as well as apartments and commercial buildings. We use a combination of expansion wedge anchors and epoxies threaded rods to bolt a house to its foundation.


Our contractors are fully bonded and insured with employee’s compensation insurance. We believe in sincerity and honesty in dealing with our customers. All materials that are used in retrofitting meet the proper requirements. We do not use scare tactics or high pressure sales to convince homeowners to have unnecessary work performed on their homes.

Our contracting company in Northridge firmly believes in providing cheap and satisfactory service to our customers. We have a tendency to believe in sincerity and honesty with dealing with customers. If you’re interested in talking to a house bolting specialist, just give us a call at (818) 334-5134 or fill out our online contact form.


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The contractors that remodeled my home were well organized and great to work with. I felt very comfortable with Contractors Northridge. They were very trustworthy and provided my family and I with great service. I will definitely recommend this company to my friends and family.

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